Awkward French Mistakes Which Will Make You Want You Had Been Invisible

Wouldn’t it is awkward to yell “I have always been horny” to your French friend in the place of “I eat in a dirty method? ”. As impractical it actually happened to a friend of mine as it sounds.

In order to prevent (hilarious) errors, listed below are 13 sentences and words you need to say in French never. Until you actually want to feel embarrassing needless to say.

1. Tu es bonne

Congratulating friends is really a good clear idea, you have to be careful whenever you do so in French.

“Tu es bonne”, thought to a lady are frequently interpreted as “you are good…in bed”, and that is the most courteous interpretation.

When you ever like to congratulate a friend that is female don’t forget to obviously explain exactly what your buddy is great at.

Or just avoid this phrase and make use of the safer “tu es doue(e)” (you are gifted).

Wouah, elle est bonne ta soeur! QUOI?

Elle chante bien

Wow, your sibling is great

Take a look at Bien vs Bon: what type Should You utilize? To find out more about different methods to state “good” in French.

2. Connard/ canard

French learners frequently mistake “canard” and “connard”. Two terms having a meaning that is radically different.

While “canard” means “duck”, “connard” means jerk.

You might desire to avoid seeking a jerk into the restaurant.

Bonjour monsieur, je vous sers du canard ou du poulet?

Du connard s’il plait that is vous

Hello sir, do I serve you duck or chicken?

3. Baiser

You think that “baiser” means “to kiss”, and therefore making use of that term will be actually precious.

While “un baiser” does mean “a kiss”, “baiser” used being a verb means “to f***”.

Less glamorous, right?

Take a look at this informative article to understand the 2 and don’ts of French greetings.

4. Je suis chaud(e)

In English, “I’m hot” ensures that you’re…well hot. In French though, “je suis chaude” (I’m hot said by a lady) means “I’m horny”.

If you’re a female and wish to say you’re hot, make use of “J’ai chaud” (lit: I have hot) rather.

It is one of many instances when the verb “to be” in English becomes “to have” in French.

5. Preservatif

You want your meal without preservatives?

Then you can be lured to require food “sans preservatifs” thinking you’re utilizing one of the main French terms whoever meaning is identical in French and English.

Unfortuitously for you, “preservatif” is just a faux-ami, one of many terms whoever meaning is radically different in French plus in English despite being written nearly the same manner.

Whenever you request food “sans preservatifs”, you may well ask for meals without condoms.

Excusez-moi, est-ce que ce plat contient des preservatifs?

Pardon me, performs this dish contain condoms?

Non, par contre il contient des conservateurs

No, but it has preservatives

6. Chatte

Cats are cute, right?

“Chat” (cat) is among the words that are first often learn in French.

Exactly what your French course might not have mentioned though is that the version that is female “chatte” has two definitions.

It is both the animal that is female female intercourse!

In order to prevent confusion, don’t usage this term!

7. Putain

This really is a word that is magical.

Once the movie below demonstrates, you’ll utilize it for positively every thing, but definitely not with everybody else.

Utilized alone, it indicates you will be tired, angry or frustrated.

Utilized to generally share some body, it indicates “whore”.

Whatever meaning you select, keep in mind that this term is very informal!

Should you ever carry on US TV, making use of “putain” might lead to you dilemmas. Ask Jean Dujardin exactly just what he believes about any of it!

8. Ca suce

Tu penses quoi de ce movie? Il suce!

Exactly just What do you consider about any of it film? It sucks!

Appears proper, right?

Well, maybe maybe not exactly…

In French “sucer” (to draw) primarily possesses intimate meaning.

The next occasion you intend to state one thing sucks, say “c’est nul” (it’s lame) rather.

9. Je suis plein(e)

You simply ate in a great restaurant that is french Mouffetard (a pleasant road in the exact middle of Paris) as well as your belly is mostly about to explode.

Pleased with your self, you appear at your French friend and say “Je suis plein(e)” (i will be full).

Complete? Complete of exactly exactly what?

Your buddy miracles.

You just can’t say “je suis plein” in French,

It appears weird.

Rather you might wish to utilize:

  • Je n’ai plus faim (lit: we don’t anymore have hunger)
  • J’ai trop mange (we ate excessively)

10. Jouir

Suppose your conversation that is french partner asked you if you enjoyed your see of Paris.

After starting a dictionary, you unearthed that “jouir” means “to enjoy”.

So that you proudly respond to your friend “oui j’ai bien joui”.

Your buddy begins laughing and you’re confused.

You really simply stated “yes I experienced an orgasm”.

“Jouir” just means “to enjoy” in a formal context. Quite often, French people make use of it to express they’d an orgasm, not to imply they enjoyed one thing.

11. Cochonne

I once had meal with a lot of Korean and French buddies. At some time, noodles dropped using one associated with Korean girls’ t-shirt and she yelled “JE SUIS COCHONNE”.

She wished to state she ate in a dirty means. She didn’t understand that “cochonne” frequently has a meaning that is entirely different…

That it also means that you eat in a dirty way if used as an adjective (it’s rarely used as such though) if you open a French dictionary, you will read that “cochonne” is the feminine form of “cochon” (pig) and.

Exactly what your dictionary does not tell you is the fact that it offers an even more typical and a lot more meaning that is embarrassing. For the majority of people that are french youngsters), “cochonne” means “someone who loves sex”.

Then when my friend yelled ‘je suis cochonne”, individuals didn’t realize “I ate in a dirty way”, but “ I love sex”.

12. J’ai envie de toi

When French Together audience Candy said to her buddy “j’ai envie de toi”, she suggested she envied her buddy.

Just exactly exactly What Candy did know was that n’t “j’ai envie de toi” doesn’t suggest “I envy you”, but “i would you like to sleep with you”. It’s this that you tell your spouse, never to your buddy.

To express “I envy you”, you’d say “je t’envie” or “je vous envie” in a context that is formal.

13. Beau cul

Up To an ear that is foreign “beaucoup” and “beau cul” may seem comparable, but they’ve radically various definitions. “Beaucoup” means “very”, while beau cul” means “nice ass”.

The next time you thank someone, make certain you state “merci beaucoup” rather than “merci beau cul”. You are going to avoid a situation that is awkward.

Maybe you have made mistakes that are funny French? Share your stories within the responses below!

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